Marine Protected Area

Porto Cesareo's Marine Protected Area is the third largest in Italy.
The productive development in the Mediterranean is growing and conflicts with the need to maintain natural heritage. There is an urgent need to use resources in a balanced way without compromising future needs.
Enjoy without damaging or destroying, produce without compromising the natural environment.
The Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo, located between Punta Prosciutto and Torre Inserraglio, has environmental, biological, morphological and underwater features that are difficult to find altogether  in the same area.
Starting from the north with Torre Colimena, which is the tallest, and arriving at Torre dell'Indaragio to the south, there are also Torre Castiglione (today only a collapsed ruin), Torre Lapillo, Torre Chianca, Torre Cesarea, Torre Squillace and Torre Sant 'Isidor - the typical marine sight towers.
Only 400 meters from the coast at 4 m depth, not far from torre Chianca, there are five columns of Euboea marble perfectly aligned on the seabed. Probably the result of a cargo bursting along the route of Marble from ancient Greece to Rome.
Inside the underwater cavities, you’ll discover a colorful sea-daisy carpet, false red corals and small crustaceans seeking shelter.
Situated at about 17 m depth, the typical subtropical environment, the true testimony of the richness of biodiversity that characterizes the Marine Protected Area.
Typical for this area is also the "prairie submerged” by Posidonia Oceanica, a plant which in remote times has moved its habitat from land to sea. It offers oxygen, shelter, nourishment and also the ideal conditions for the reproduction of many marine organisms.
Officially the Marine Protected Area of "Porto Cesareo" (ANMP) was established by the Ministry of Environment, 12 December 1997
It extends up to about 7 miles from the coast and approximately, the zones as follows:

AMP zones
Area "A" - Complete Reserve  - including sea in front of the Peninsula La Strea and the area from the tower of S. Isidoro to the location “Casa Giorgella”, an extension of about 500 m from the coast. In this area all human activities are forbidden, except service and supervision related to research and study programs explicitly authorized by the Reserve Management Authority.
Area "B" - Regular Reserve - embrace two areas respectively located in the west corner and at the second reserve area.In this area it’s allowed (besides the service, supervision and study) - sport fishing without reel, bathing, "eco-friendly" underwater activities (photo, underwater tourism, etc.) and professional fishermen are authorized to navigate. In general all activities that can directly or indirectly alter the environment or disturb animal and plants are not allowed; prohibited underwater hunting and all forms of marine organism collection.
Area "C" - Partial Reserve - all the remaining areas of the Reserve. In this area it’s allowed (besides the service, supervision and study, navigate boats to reach moorings, bathing and authorized fishing according to the authorities.
Throughout the area, all activities that could damage the habitat and cause danger to the organisms are strictly forbidden (except professional authorized fishing or scientific research). Berthing is prohibited exept mooring points.
We recommend that you contact the specialized companies to discover this fantastic world ("Orca diving center", Porto Cesareo)