Salento in low season

But is it really true that Salento is just beach and sea?



Actually, there are many things to see, cultural, gastronomic and landscape itineraries available in any season, in short, the face of a land that you do not expect and that can be a pleasant discovery for those who could not travel in August. And, let's face it, infuse losing some of that assembly isn't that bad.

Therefore, mild typically Mediterranean winter, which often winks at those who like to hike in the countryside visiting vineyards, orchards, olive trees, cultivated lands, hypogea mills.

The most fascinating natural parks? Porto Selvaggio, Rauccio Regional Park, Le Cesine are just some of the names we mention.

The ancient villages and cities of art? Nardò, Alezio, Specchia, Casarano, Otranto, Ostuni (which also belongs to the magical crib set up in December), Ugento... fascinating villages whose history written between monuments and alleys in some cases has not left even Unesco indifferent

Winter festivals? Well, one of them is “Focara” in Novoli, which usually takes place in the first or second week of January, where one of the largest bonfires in the world is lit in honor of the patron saint of the city, St. Anthony the Abbot. All around the bonfire songs, dances and food cheering up the evening, making it anything but cold.

Not forgetting Lecce, with its churches and museums, its typical food, and Leverano, with the heartfelt festival of new wine on the occasion of the celebrations of St. Martin.

And for those who do not disdain even a little meditation, contemplating the winter sea can become a regenerating daily emotion that prompts one to wonder, quoting Khalil Gibran: "Does the music of the sea end on the shore or in the heart of the man who listens?"



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