Experiences for Groups in Salento

But it’s really true tha Salento is only beach and sea?


In reality, there are so many things to see, cultural, gastronomic and landscape itineraries that can be done in any season, therefore, the face of a land that you do not expect and that can be a pleasant discovery for those who have not been able to travel in August. And, let's face it, losing some of that gathering is not too bad.

Mild days, typically mediterranean, for those who love hiking in the countryside visiting vineyards, orchards, olive trees, cultivated lands, and then again the “pajare”, the “caseddhe”, the underground oil mills. The most fascinating natural parks? Porto Selvaggio, the Rauccio Regional Park, Le Cesine are just some of the names that we mention.

The ancient villages and cities of art? Nardò, Alezio, Specchia, Casarano, Otranto, Ostuni (which also includes the magical nativity scene set up in December), Ugento ... fascinating villages whose history written between monuments and alleys in some cases has not left even Unesco indifferent.

The winter festivals? Well, one above all is the Focara in Novoli, which usually takes place in the first or second week of January, where one of the largest bonfires in the world is lit in honor of the patron saint of the town, Sant'Antonio Abate. All around the bonfire singing, dancing and food brightening up the evening, making it anything but cold.

Not forgetting Lecce, with its churches and museums, between a “pasticciotto” and a “rustico”, and Leverano, with the heartfelt feast of wine on the occasion of the celebrations of San Martino.

And for those who do not disdain even a little meditation: contemplating the sea in winter can become a regenerating daily emotion that leads us to ask ourselves, quoting Khalil Gibran: “Does the music of the sea end on the shore or in the heart of the man who listens?”


Deeply in love with the territory that hosts us, we propose 5 unusual routes, which will allow you to explore Salento in alternative periods to summer:


- Ionio by Bike & Culture

- The roads of oil

- Through Arneo - Memories & Masserie

- Walking in the nature

- Pizzica & Taranta



Each itinerary is designed for groups of at least 20 people and can be tailored to the needs of the participants.

The price ranges are according to the season, the number of participants and the extras requested
(example transfers from / to stations / airports, bike rental, extra meals, packet luch, etc.)



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