Summer in Safety


This page has been written to inform about the adjustments and practices adopted by our resort in observance with the directives of the World Health Organization and those of the Italian Government.
All information is promptly updated and based on the evolution of the emergency and the related directives issued by the authority in charge which could, in some cases, change even what we have planned so far.

Hospitality, cleanliness, entertainment, good food, lots of sport and beach service will help you live deserved moments of pleasure.

From 22 May to 18 September 2022 we will be operative with entertainment and food service. From 5 June 2022 will also be active the beach service.

The face mask for guests is mandatory only when it is not allowed to maintain a distance of one meter with another person not belonging  to your family.

From the moment the booking is confirmed, it will be possible to start the check-in procedure remotely, in order to speed up the procedure at the reception.

All the apartments in Punta Grossa have always guaranteed the total independence among guests:

  • All accommodations are located in different blocks separated by gardens and have access from the outside – avoiding closed hallways and / or elevators
  • All sanitation and disinfection protocols are adopted for cleaning rooms, with specific procedures for sanitation before the arrival of each guest and with particular attention to the areas frequently touched
  • Specific sanitation of remote controls and telephones
  • Sanitation of key cards (room keys)
  • Use of protective masks and gloves by all cleaning staff
  • Washing and disinfection of all bed linen with an external professional laundry, according to certified procedures


Security and tranquility will be guaranteed by the large common areas available and for these we guarantee:

  • More frequency of cleaning and sanitation and disinfection, with particular attention to the check-in desk, bars and buffets, door handles, common toilets
  • Distance indicators to preserve
  • Columns with hand sanitizing gel located in all common areas, in bars and restaurants


Air  Conditioning:

  • More frequency of washing and sanitizing the filters in the air conditioning systems of all common areas, for constant air exchange with 100% external air intake (no air recirculation)
  • The air conditioning systems in the rooms do not provide for shared flows of the treated air (no exchange of air between one room and another)



  • Preventive medical examination and serological test for all staff upon hiring and subsequent regular monitoring
  • Supply of personal protective equipment (masks, sanitizing gel and disposable gloves) to all Collaborators
  • Continuous training on cleaning and hygiene protocols and on the concepts and disclosure of information relating to COVID-19 and all related procedures


Food and Beverages:

  • Buffet served by our staff
  • Reception and storage of food and preparation of dishes according to the most rigorous HACCP guidelines
  • Disinfection of raw fruit and vegetables
  • Guarantee of the minimum distance between the tables
  • Use of single-use table linen, while the fabric table linen is washed and disinfected by the professional external laundry according to certified procedures
  • Use of protective face masks and single-use gloves during all food processing and food production processes, as well as during service


Beach and Pools:

  • 10 square meters of exclusive relevance of each beach umbrella, spaced as required by current legislation
  • Distance according to current legislation and daily sanitation of sun loungers
  • Regular and frequent sanitation and disinfection of common areas and beach showers ensured every day
  • Assistance in respecting the distances by dedicated Stewards
  • Pool admissions fixed and with steward presence
  • 7 square meters of distance between one person and another guaranteed in the solarium area
  • Automatic and constant monitoring system of the chlorine level in swimming pool water, set to the highest expected values ​​(1.5 mg / l) – as per current legislation
  • UVC filters in filtering systems aimed at purifying ALL the water of the Resort from viruses and bacteria, obviously including those of the swimming pools


We are developing a rich entertainment program, in respect with government regulations, with particular attention to children who, with patient silence and many privations, have experienced the long period of lockdown:

  • Morning Gym and all fitness activities in small groups and outdoors (as always) but a little more spaced.
  • Tennis, football school, bowls and water sports in respect with the permitted distances
  • Outdoor gym with tools spaced according to the rules and sanitized and disinfected several times a day
  • Evening shows at Batà with live music and shows or in the open-air amphitheater with spaced seats
  • Happy hour on the beach


Mini, Junior e Teen Club:

  • In small and spaced groups or with parents, with the biggest respect for all regulations regarding spacing and hygiene
  • Disinfection of all play equipment and utensils after each activity
  • Use of protective face masks and, if necessary, also disposable gloves by the staff of the Mini Club, when necessary


Medical Center at set times and available on call 24 hours a day


All these protocols were successful during the 2020 and 2021 season: thanks to these we were able to guarantee safety to all our guests, collaborators and employees.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you to experience deserved moments of pleasure.