If you want more than just relax and cozy beach-life, the Punta Grossa Resort gives you a lot of opportunities - there is a wide range of sports activities close at hand.



Cycling - there is a lot of hidden places to discover! Small country trails between secular olive trees and sea views. Unique and beautiful!


Fishing - wide beaches and jagged cliffs. Enjoy magical atmosphere while waiting for the fish to bow!



Scuba Diving - the seabed of Porto Cesareo is among the most diversified in the Mediterranean from an ecological point of view, and you can admire at least 12 different plant and animal communities. The Marine Protected Area organizes some interesting submarine routes such as the visit to the "Roman greak Columns” or the “Neuralia wreck”, a ship built in 1912 for the Indian troops in France.



Kitesurfing - one of the best places to kite is in Torre Lapillo. This place is also great for windsurfing... mostly in September!


Canoeing - the Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo extends for 16,654 acres and 32 km. From Punta Prosciutto to Torre Inserraglio. A coastline that alternate beaches and cliffs, rich in islets and emerging rocks. What better way to explore it than paddle?


Karting – for those of you that adore speed! About 700 m from the resort there is a go-kart track where children and adults can enjoy themselves racing!



Horse riding – near the Resort (700 m) there is a small center where you can book horseback riding along the beach.